Products: Metal Prints + Hanging our own Family Wall Print

I recently stumbled across an image in my computer that was taken several years ago.  Its from one of our family vacations in Colorado!  But its not just any vacation, it reminded me that this is probably the only photo that I have that also includes my brother, my parents, and myself outside of Texas!  And it just might be the last image of my dad in Colorado…

Geez my kids have grown!

I wanted to create a print, and with the metal Durango & Silverton train in the background, I thought this image would make a great Metal Print with an acrylic cover (no framing needed), so I ordered a 16×24 for my own home!

Its like Christmas around here when UPS delivers!

I recruited my daughter Ashley to add a simple wire hanger on the back, which took about 1-2 minutes …

And she finished it off with some artist tape on the sharp ends …

And its ready to hang!

The four corner posts give it some depth, a more modern feel.

I thought it would look nice beside our kitchen bar and metal barstools.

Can you see the temp outside?  Its 107!!!!!  Oh my goodness!  It may not be a perfectly accurate reading, but darn its hot outside!  So glad that I’m indoors today!

Anyway, the 16×24 size actually looks a little small once we got it on the wall next to our Tim Cox canvas, but I’m so glad that I stumbled across this family image and hung it in our home!  I LOVE it!!!

Metal Prints arn’t in the full catalog yet, but just let me know if your interested in ordering!


2 thoughts on “Products: Metal Prints + Hanging our own Family Wall Print

    1. This one I just happened to order from Marco Fine Arts to give them a try, but WHCC is my main pro lab of choice for the last 10 or so years!

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