What is The Weigand Collection?


Just like this slightly injured Bullrider who is praying behind the scenes … thankful that he made it out of the arena alive!  

Isn’t art amazing?

Over the years as a working professional photographer, I’ve acquired many, many images – several hundreds of thousands!   And yes, there IS a story behind every image!

The Weigand Collection is simply my personal favorites… each image has, in its own unique way,  inspired me!  Some are Landscpaes, Wildlife, Cowboy & Western, Native American, as well as a few Abstracts and Still Life’s!  Some are a once-in-a-lifetime moment that can never be re-captured, like the fast-paced action of Wild Stallions fighting, or a special moment when the sun is lighting up an area just before setting!

Like Ansel Adams once said… Sometimes I get to an area just when God is ready to have someone click the shutter!

Some of these images have been entered into the challenging TPPA (Texas State), SWPPA (Regional), and the International PPA Print Competitions and have won merits & awards.  The PPA Merits earned are going towards acquiring my PPA Master Photographer Degree, a very well earned title that less than 4% of professional photographers earn!

I’m always trying to strive for that perfect shot – whether its for a portrait, assignment, commercial work,  or just for my own collection!  So be sure to visit www.kathyweigand.com and simply click on THE WEIGAND COLLECTION to view & purchase some of my favorite photographic prints and other oil paintings and artwork!

My signed Gallery Prints have been displayed in several galleries & sold to Collectors from across the USA – For a more detailed BIO and list of Awards, visit our main website!


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