MODEL CALL! + Curvey Women Portraits by Kathy Weigand Photography Fredericksburg Texas

Hi guys!

I get so tired of society telling women that they have to be skinny, slender, thin,  – or look kinda like Barbie – to be beautiful.   Its a cruel world we live in.

Women are so hard on ourselves, wanting to loose a few pounds before getting any portraits made.    YOU are BEAUTY-FUL no matter what shape or size you are!  Your children and family don’t care about those 10 pounds, they LOVE YOU for WHO YOU ARE on the inside and out!   They WANT memories of you as you are!  Its easy to get photos made of just our kids, but women dread being in front of a camera… including myself in the past!  Its time to change that and just feel better about ourselves!

If I only had a dollar for every time I’ve heard in my 13 year photo career … ‘Can you make me look thinner?’

I’ve even had women tell me while they are booking portraits … ‘My kids and husband are photogenic, but I’m not.’

Its time ladies, that you feel better about yourselves!

What if (God forbid) something bad or unexpectant happens to you, and in the years past, you were hardly ever in front of a camera?  Your kids might only have a quick snapshot or cell phone pic of you for their lasting heirloom portrait.   What if?  Think about it!  Forget about those last 10 pounds… who cares?  Your kids don’t care!

With that in mind… I am starting a new campaign, a new chapter in my photo history, of concentrating on women –  just women – of all shapes and sizes!!!
You are BEAUTY-FUL!  Let’s prove it!

Society needs to learn to appreciate the fact that we are all designed different – thank GOD we arn’t all cookie cutter style!!!

Did you know that I can reduce your weight (in camera) with just they way I gently pose you or use the light?  Yes, of course I have photoshop too, as well as other special portrait software, but I can create great images of you … no matter what shape or size you are… sounds like a challenge right?  Bring it on ladies!!! 🙂

I’m partnering up with some great make-up & hair stylists in Fredericksburg.    Working together, with BRANDY PATE at Jay & Co., you WILL be PAMPERED, RELAXED, and you will have FUN!!!  Sure, bring some wine too if you’d like!  Its time ladies, to finally enjoy & pamper yourselves a little!

So, to help kickstart my new BEAUTY-FUL campaign, I’m looking for a couple ladies – moms or real women – of any shape or size – for a day of beauty & portrait BEFORE/AFTER FUN!!!  Contact me soon, as there are only a couple spots left!
WHO’s IN???



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