Gift Certificates – the perfect little gift!

Gift Certificates!

I usually end up getting a few various Gift Certificates for my own family members during my last minute Christmas shopping.  That last week before Christmas is usually a scramble for me!  Isn’t life crazy sometime?  Gift Certificates simplify things!


So, as you are frantically shopping around for family and friends, trying to think of some new creative and meaningful gift, think about how most families do not have up-to-date, quality, family portraits hanging in their home!

I hear it all the time…
“Its been about 10 years since we’ve had real professional portraits taken.”
– or –
“I’ve been wanting to get new portraits taken for a long time!”


Life is precious
Life is short
Celebrate life
Celebrate family
Give a gift of portraits!

So, instead of grabbing a gift certificate from some national corporate chain store – get them a gift that is based here in the Hill Country!  Not only are you supporting local small business & community, but you are also preserving precious family moments!

Gift Certificates … any dollar amount + purchase any time of the year!

Call 830-342-7161 to order
or send Kathy an email at   … include the dollar amount you would like, recipiant’s name, giver’s name, and any short message!  We’ll send you a clickable invoice to buy online!  After your purchase is complete, we will email you a customized and printable Gift Certificate!


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