Frequently Asked Questions (faq)

Q: How do I book a portrait session?
Simply email us and ask for more info, and be sure to describe what kind of portraits you’d like.   Examples: commercial, real estate, events, kids, high school seniors, business headshots, professionals in business, pets only, etc…

Q: Do you accept oil painting commissions?

Please contact me for more info and include details of what you are looking for.

Q: How do I view your available oil paintings?
Stay in touch to find out when the next Art Shows & Displays will be, or contact us to set up a private meeting in Fredericksburg Tx.
Shop online anytime @ www.kathyweigand.com or ETSY Shop


Q:  Can I make my own prints from your images?
Please DO NOT scan our prints or download any images to create your own prints or files.  Doing so is actually copyright infringement, or theft.
• All prints and digital files, must be purchased from the studio.
• Only the artist who created the image owns the artwork, and can duplicate the artwork.

Copyright (ownership) is for the life of the artist + PLUS 70 years.

There is an Unauthorized Usage Fee, for illegally duplicating any prints or digital files without first obtaining written permission.

Have any other questions?
Please contact us!



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